Cefuroxime Injection
Category: Antibiotics and Anti-Infectives
Each vial contains:-
Cefuroxime - 500 mg and 1.0 gm
Quality Specification:
Chromatographic Purity - NLT 99.5%
Pack Size: vial

Composition : 250mg,500mg,750mg,1 gm
CEFUROXIME: :- It is resistant to most beta lactamases and is active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms. The most important use of cefuroxime is in meningitis caused by H Influezae, Meningo Cocci and Pneumo Cocci because it attains high concentrations in CSF.
Indication : Respiratory tract, Genito-urinary tract, skin and soft tissue infections, gonorrhoea, acute gonococal urethritis and cervicitis meningitis, prophylaxis against infections in surgical procedures.
Dosage :- 750 mg thrice daily i.m. or i.v.Severe infections : 1.5 gm thrice daily i.v. Total dose 3-6 gm daily
Infants and Children :- 30-100 mg/kg body wt daily in 3-4 divided doses
Neonates :- 30-100 mg/kg body wt in 2-3 divided doses.
Meningitis : 200-240 mg/kg body wt i.v. daily in 3-4 divided doses.
Contra-Indications :- Patients with known hypersensitivity to cephalosporin antibiotics
Special Precautions :- Anaphylactic reaction to Pencilins, Pseudo Membranous Colitis
Paediatrics :- Not safe in children below 3 months
Pregnancy :- Use with caution
Lactation :- Use with caution
Side–effects :- Skin rashes, Eosinophillia and transient increase of Hepatic Enzymes
Drug Interactions :- Synergy with aminoglycosides
Purity : Not less than 99%.
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