Meropenem Injection
Category: Misc. Preparations
Each vial contains:-
Meropenam - 500 mg and 1 gm
Quality Specification:
Chromatographic Purity - NLT 99.5%%
Pack Size: vial

Composition : 125mg, 250mg,500mg,1gm
MEROPENAM :- It is a synthetic Carbapenem Beta - Lactum Antibiotic. It has a potent bactericidal action against a broad spectrum of aerobic and anerobic bacteria.
Indication : Pneumonias, gynecological infections, skin and soft structure infections, meningitis, septicaemia and adult febrile neutropenia.
Dosage and administrations :- Administered as an intravenous injection over approkximately 5 minutes or by intravenous infusion over approximately 15-30 minutes with compatible infusion (50-200ml) fluid.
Adult :- Pneumonias, UTI, skin and skin structure infections :500mg 8hourly. Nosocomial Pneumonias, peritonitis, septicemia: 1g every 8hours. Meningitis : 2g every 8 hours
Contra-Indications :- Hypersensitivity to ingredients. Hypersensitivity to pencilins or other beta-lactam antibiotics.
Warning :  
Special Precautions :-  
Paediatrics :- Safety is not established in patient with neutropenia or primary/secondary immuno deficiency. Safety is not established in infants under 3 months of age.
Pregnancy :- Safety is not established
Lactation :- Safety is not established.
Elderly :- Safe for elderly with normal renal functions.
Side–effects :- Serious adverse effects are rare. Local IV injection site reaction, site reaction and neutrophilia. Headache, paresthesia, convulsions, oral and vaginal candidiasis.
Drug Interactions :- Nephrotoxic drugs, probenocid, sodium valproate etc.
Purity : Not less than 99%.
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