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Antibiotics & Anti-Infectives

In an era of rising rates of bacterial infections, we offer comprehensive range of highly effective antibiotic and anti-infective injectables. Available at competitive prices, these are specially designed to fulfill the standards of international quality and safety and hence, are in huge demand among healthcare professionals. We offer the following antibiotic and anti-infective injectables:

Biological Injections
The list of biological injections are as below :
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Cardiovascular Injections
Eye & Ear Drops

    Long-term continuous topical therapy should be avoided. Prolonged use may lead to skin sensitisation and the emergence of resistant organisms. Cross sensitivity with other aminoglycoside antibiotics may occur.

    In severe infections, topical use of gentamicin should be supplemented with appropriate systemic antibiotic treatment.

    Gentamicin may cause irreversible partial or total deafness when given systemically or when applied topically to open wounds or damaged skin. This effect is dose-related and is enhanced by renal and/or hepatic impairment and is more likely in the elderly.

    Topical application of aminoglycoside antibiotics into the middle ear carries a theoretical risk of causing hearing loss due to ototoxicity. The benefits of gentamicin therapy should be considered against the risk of infection itself causing hearing loss.

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Liq. Syrups, Dry Syrups & redi-Mix Syrups
We take immense pride in presenting ourselves as a reputed name in the arena of manufacturing and supplying highly efficacious pharmaceutical products both in the Ayurvedic and Allopathic formulations in form of pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical syrups, pharmaceutical ointment and pharmaceutical capsules. We have over 18 years of experience in this arena and we continuously strive to develop medicines using integrated research techniques.
Ointments / cream
We offer our customers quality Syrups & Ointments/Creams that are highly effective and safe to use. Based on extensive research, these products are used for treatment of variety of diseases and disorders.

We offer a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical injectables, anti cancer injectables for the treatment of cancer. Developed after intensive research, these are superior in quality, performance and the capacity to decrease the capacity of spreading cancer cells subsequently. We are capable to cater to the bulk requirements of our clients. Given below is a list of the anti cancer injectables offered by us.

Other Injectables

Catering to the demands and requirements of major medical distributors / pharmaceutical houses across the globe, we ensure to deliver tested & certified injectables for various requirements. These are superior in quality and reliability and meet the international safety standards and norms. Given below is a list of the different types of injectables available in our other injectables category.

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